What Is Squalane?
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What Is Squalane?

As every skincare-lover knows, the most important thing to have a healthy and glowing skin is active ingredient- focused hydration. And one of the most valuable active ingredients among skincare ingredients is squalane, which is mainly known for its effect on dry skin. But wait, didn't we mean squalene? Nope. Although they’re closely related, we’re talking about two different active ingredients. Stay tuned - believe me, it's not as difficult as it sounds at first.

Squalene vs. Squalane

Squalene is a component naturally found in the hydrolipid barrier and makes up 20% of the oil produced by the sebaceous glands. However, when squalene is used in skincare products, it can become unstable, can go through oxidisation and it would be difficult to work with it. That’s why in cosmetics its hydrogenated version, called squalane is used, which has a more stable structure.

What are the skin benefits of squalane?

Squalane is a clear, colorless, odorless, oil-like but also light and fast-absorbing liquid. Originally it is derived from shark liver – but there is no need to worry, in cosmetics now it comes from olives, sugarcane or other plants. Its main benefit is that moisturizers and face oils with squalane are incredibly effective in reducing fine lines and restoring hydration. Squalane oil not only increases the moisture level deep in skin but also strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and stimulates collagen production. In addition to its moisturizing effect, squalane has other benefits as well: it’s an oil-soluble antioxidant, so with other antioxidants in the skin, it neutralizes toxic oxygen molecules caused by UV exposure, preventing the early signs of aging. Squalane is non-comedogenic, thus it can restore and retain moisture in skin without clogging the pores. It controls and balances sebum production, so it’s a great choice for acne-prone skin.

How to use squalane oil products?

Squalane can be found in moisturizers, face masks and anti-aging products. You can use it in both morning and evening routines, it works very well with other skincare ingredients – but it is the best with acids and retinols. You can apply it on its own, or mix the oil with your moisturizer to make it more effective.

How to layer squalane oil?

First, cleanse your skin, use your toner and then apply the squalane oil product after the water-based serums and before your moisturizer. Massage it into damp skin.

What should you pair squalane with?

Actually, there is no ingredient that wouldn’t work with it, but here are some examples of how you can make it more effective:

  • squalane + retinal: this mixture nourishes dry skin very well and helps stabilize the structure of retinol derivatives
  • squalane + Vitamin C: this combination smooths out wrinkles, strengthens skin barrier and is able to transport antioxidants in both water and oil
  • squalane + ceramides: together they provide deep nourishment for dry, rough skin – they repair skin barrier and restore skin elasticity

Which PomPoms contain squalane?

Perfect question – and we provide the perfect answer! Our latest facial cream with squalane is Squalane booster deep nourishing oil serum, which is an oil-based concentrate enriched with squalane, vitamin E and Q10. It deeply nourishes the skin, makes it soft and elastic, helps maintain the skin’s hydrolipid layer and prevents water loss. You can use it on its own as a nourishing, skin filler serum or mix it into your facial moisturizer to boost its efficiency.

More goodies with squalane:
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