Period conscious skincare - how to take care of your skin during PMS!

Period conscious skincare - how to take care of your skin during PMS!

You may have heard of menstrual period skincare, which is a great way to balance your skin's appearance. Now we're going to look at a more specific phase of this, PMS, or premenstrual symptoms: what does it mean, what symptoms can you experience and what ingredients should you incorporate in your daily skincare routine? Let's see!

How does my period have an influence on my skincare?

We probably shouldn't start the explanation from the beginning, but it doesn't hurt if we quickly run through a few basics. (Don't worry, it'll be more exciting than a simple biology lesson!) Your period is made up of 4 parts: menstrual, follicular, ovulatory and luteal, part of which is the premenstrual period. Different things are going on in your body and it has different needs in each part - and of course this affects the condition and appearance of your skin. Hence, you need to be flexible about skincare products according to the different stages.

What is PMS?

PMS, or premenstrual syndrome, is a set of symptoms that usually repeat in a predictable way, typically occurring 7-10 days before menstruation and then resolving on their own within 1-2 days after the onset of bleeding. You may experience a wide range of symptoms, from water retention, breast tenderness, depression, sleep disturbance, anxiety, increased appetite until the cravings for sweets and bouts of hunger pangs.

What hormones affect my skin during PMS?

Of course, the symptoms mentioned above can all affect your day-to-day life - and your skin is a true reflection of this - but it’s not consist of just these things. During this period, there are a number of hormones working in your body that show visible signs on your skin. The period basically depends on the balance of two hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. You may have guessed that in the premenstrual term the ratios of these are imbalanced: if there is less progesterone than there should be, or more oestrogen than progesterone - this is what we experience in the most varied forms of PMS.

What are the most common skin symptoms of PMS?

Oily skin
Sebum production of the skin is constantly increasing during this period, you may experience unpleasant shine even if you're normally not in the oily skin camp.

Pimples, blackheads & acnes
For the reasons above, pores can clog extremely quickly - which is a direct route to blackheads and acne.

Sensitive skin
The hormonal changes in your body make the skin extremely sensitive.  Not only the redness threatens, but after a single squeezed pimple the scars can easily remain.

Uneven skin surface
Yes, unfortunately, this is not the time to see and expect the smoothest, even skin surface in the mirror.

How should I care for my skin during the premenstrual period?

We've arrived at the point of this article, but before we introduce several tips and ingredients, we want to encourage you to keep your eye on your skin not only during PMS, but also during all other times of your period: trust us, it will show you what it needs!

Have a regular routine!
Yes, regular, simple and effective. If we're talking keywords: cleansing, moisturising, sun protection. Dot.

Use gentle products!
In this period the skin is more sensitive and thinner than usual, so it's worth the gentle care.

Exfoliate with AHA acids.
The gentle AHA products are great for removing excess sebum and dead skin cells, they can also help with uneven skin tone.

Niacinamide in all quantities!
Not just the operation of pores and thus sebum production, it also reduces the number of acne & blackheads.

Chill in mask.
Put on your favorite clay mask and enjoy that you don't have to deal with excess oil production of your pores.

We all know that oily skin doesn't mean you don't need to moisturise, right?

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