Multi-Tasking antioxidant serum

Our Multi-Tasking serum is enriched with 5% Niacinamide and 5% SAP, so it can simultaneously reduce signs of ageing skin, regulate sebaceous glands, tighten pore walls and brighten skin. Its fast-absorbing texture allows layering, enhances the sunscreen effect and can also fade pigment spots.

  • Reduces the size of pores and signs of ageing skin and tightens the walls of pores.
  • Its 5% SAP content can fade pigment spots and has antibacterial properties.
  • Leaves skin more even and radiant.
  • Water-based, fast-absorbing, layerable consistency.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
9,50 €

Consciously developed, skin-friendly formula
Our Multi-Tasking 5% Niacinamide 5% SAP antioxidant serum is a great multitasker. Its water-based, fast-absorbing, layering consistency allows active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin for intense nourishment. As part of your morning routine, it increases the effectiveness of your sunscreen.

With 5% Niacinamide
Our Multi-Tasking antioxidant serum is not called multi-tasking for nothing; it can perform a multitude of tasks due to its niacinamide content. It is able to reduce the size of pores, tighten the walls of pores and regulate the production of sebum.

5% SAP for radiant skin
SAP is a derivative of vitamin C with a stable structure. It has super-antioxidant effects and can fade both pigment spots and PIH - or spots left after acne. At a concentration of 5%, it has antibacterial activity, i.e. it can neutralise the bacteria that cause acne.

Perfect if you are looking for a serum for an anti-ageing or acne routine. Recommended for all skin types, and it is also safe for skincare routine beginners and those with sensitive skin.

After a gentle cleansing (toning and exfoliating), apply an eye cream, then apply Multi-Tasking 5% Niacinamide, 5% SAP Antioxidant Serum before or with your favourite moisturiser. If you use it in the morning, be sure to finish your routine with sunscreen!

Aqua, Niacinamide, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Glycerin, Allantoin, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin

Which active ingredients should be combined in an acne routine?
SAP at 5% concentration has already a proven antibacterial effect, and reduces the inflammatory reaction caused by acne. Combine it with a retinal serum or moisturiser for even greater results

Can I use it with ANTISTRESS C+ Niacinamide moisturiser?
Yes, you can use it or even replace it. If your skin becomes sensitive or you experience irritation, such as redness, it is possible that two face moisturisers are simply too much for your skin type. If this is the case, you may want to use them less often or use them in two different routines, for example one in the morning and one at night.

Where should I include it in my routine? Can I mix it with my moisturiser?
Apply Multi-Tasking antioxidant serum after cleansing (plus toning/exfoliating). You can use it alone or add 2-3 drops to your favourite moisturiser. You can use it 2x a day, morning and evening. If you apply it in the morning, you should definitely use a min. SPF 30 sunscreen at the end of your routine.

Can it be used around the eyes?
It is important to avoid getting it in the eyes and mouth, but you can use it around the eyes up to the waterline. If you prefer, you can even add it to your favourite eye cream.

As a mother, can I use it during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
There is no clinical trial that states that you should avoid niacinamide as a pregnant woman or mother. To be on the safe side, we advise you to seek the opinion of your doctor/health nurse

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Užasne sérum, už som ho opakovane kúpila a moja pleť sa pekne upravila
Toto je priam zázrak na moju pleť. Výrazne mi rozjasňuje a vyrovnáva nedokonalosti pleri.
Toto sérum je absolútne super. Oceňujem ho najmä v lete pretože má ľahkú konzistenciu. Navyše spája niacinamid a vitamín C a ja tak môžem moju rutinu zjednodušiť a používať 1 produkt čo najmä v hektické rána padne vhod.
Super serum proti flakom a rozsirenym porom
Používam ráno v kombinácii s pompom vitamín C gel a večer retinal a nepamätám, kedy bola moja pleť krajšia. Jediné, čo mi vadí je, že cez fľaštičku nevidno, koľko séra ostáva.
Toto sérum Objednám opakovane už dlho.
Mám problematickú pleť a toto sérum používam v kombinácií s vitamínom C a antistresovým krémom.
Už si bez týchto troch vecí neviem ani predstaviť život :)
Neuveriteľne sa mi zlepšila pleť a odvtedy sa mi nevyhadzujú ani PMS vyrážky.
Robíte úžasnú prácu.
Antioxidačné sérum je tiež skvelé. Objednala som si ho na pigmentové škvrny, keďže ma už pár rokov trápia fľaky. Rýchlo sa vstrebe, hydratuje pleť, drží celý deň, nežmolkuje sa na pleti ani po nanesení krému.

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Multi-Tasking antioxidant serum
Multi-Tasking antioxidant serum | 30 ml
9,50 €



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