FAQS: Caring for the skin around your eyes

FAQS: Caring for the skin around your eyes

The skin around the eyes is one of the most delicate parts of your face - that's why you should pay special attention to its care. At first glance, it seems to be difficult, but we'll help you look after your eye area properly.

Your eyes work a lot throughout the day: you smile, frown, squint… so it is no surprise that the eye area is the first to show the earliest signs of aging. Over a certain age, dark circles, under-eye bags and puffiness cannot be ignored. UV rays and makeup products are also responsible for skin damage. Although we have listed only a few things, you can already see how important it is to take care of your eye area. Even if we cannot be 20-year-olds again, we do not have to say goodbye to our glowing appearance. Stay tuned: Frequently asked questions follow!

How to clean the eye area?

First and foremost, be gentle! Try to use surfactant and fragrance-free products in order to avoid skin irritations. ⟶ Find PomPom Facial Cleansers here

How to hydrate the eye area?

The skin around the eye is way thinner than the rest of the face, therefore it is exposed to extreme dehydration throughout the day. That’s why you should use serums and ingredients that are good at retaining water, such as… yep, hyaluronic acid! It makes the eye area look smoother, more flexible and brighter and also helps reduce fine lines and crow’s feet.

How to activate the eye area?

No, we don’t mean squinting, blinking or grimacing. Instead, we mean vitamins: vitamin A (retinoid) promotes collagen formation, vitamin B3 (niacinamide) protects and brightens the skin, and vitamin C has antioxidant benefits which help fade dark spots.

How to protect the eye area?

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! When it comes to skincare, remember that sunscreen is a must-have because its everyday use helps prevent the signs of premature aging. Choose broad-spectrum products with SPF of 30, combine it with vitamin B and vitamin C, and leave your sunglasses at home only on rainy days!

What's the best age to start caring for the skin around the eyes? 

Having a skin-care routine in your teens is also essential, but if you’re in your 20s, you need to give better focus on your skin. Butyou can start caring for aging skin at any age with a good retinol serum, a moisturizer, peptides and vitamin C – that’s all you need to use to delay the visible signs of aging.

Can higher percentages of active ingredients be used for the eye area?

Actually it is not forbidden, but as the skin here is very thin, we advise you to start with gentle or diluted formulas. After getting used to it, you can try more concentrated formulas.

How to get rid of dark circles, puffiness and bags under the eyes?

There are a number of causes of dark circles, that’s why reducing their appearance with serums isn’t always guaranteed. If you have had them since childhood, then you can’t remove them at home. But if your dark circles have gradually appeared, products containing caffeine, vitamin C, niacinamide, green tea or Persian silk acacia can be super effective. To reduce the puffiness around your eyes, use soothing antioxidants, peptides and caffeine.

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